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Day 10 - FINAL DAY

Shanghai to NY

semi-overcast 68 °F

So I'm at the airport waiting for our flight to start boarding (in like 10 minutes).

I tried to buy my brother this really cool asian beverage... but apparently they're going to take it away from me because you can't have ANY liquids on the plane -_-

ANGRY... oh well... anyway, see you guys in America <3

P.S. It's beautiful in China right now. In Shanghai the flowers and trees are finally blossoming. Everywhere you look there are cherry blossoms and magnolia trees looking more gorgeous than they ever could in America. I'm sad we have to leave as soon as things are getting pretty *sigh*


Omg so I'm finally home! It feels so strange to be back here when it seems like so long ago that I left. Currently my mother has found my blog and is reading it... this one I'm typing right now in fact... its a little threatening, but oh well. I'm just trying to relax a little cuz this has been (like my blog title implies) a whirlwind adventure.

Lets see, what to say... gosh now that the trip is over I almost don't want to blog any more.

Well the flight home was pretty good. I literally wasn't bored even for a second of the 13.5 hour trip. There was one... small... mishap. While we were flying over Japan, a huge storm came in that they hadn't expected, causing terrible turbulence. In fact, at one point we randomly began to fall through the air for maybe 5 or 10 feet. It was horrifying actually.... all the drinks went to the ceiling (some people went up pretty high too, lol). For the rest of the trip, me and everyone else was in perpetual fear and horror, but hey we lived! My only consolation would be that if we crashed, I'd either die in Japan <3 or we'd land in the ocean and I'd live to be rescued by the Japanese, and then forced to stay in Japan for a nice long while <3
It was a win-win of a terrible situation, haha.

Anyway, regardless of that slight horror, the trip was fine coming home. I did get pretty sick feeling at one point due to improper snackage and lack of water, but that was also quickly solved.

Now that I'm home, China doesn't seem as scary or bad as I was apt to say earlier this morning. I miss being on my own in a bustling city, I miss the ancient mixed with the new, I missed the blooming cherry blossoms covering the streets.

Oh well, I'll get my independence soon enough when I go of to college, whether I'm ready for it or not!


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Day 9


sunny 68 °F

China fact #8 - If you think it's NOT meat, it is... and if you think it IS meat, then it's not the meat you think it is... NO EXCEPTIONS

Okay so today was pretty boring and tame. Kelsey and I went with the random college group that also went on this trip. We visited the Chinese stock exchange.... which is a room filled with empty chairs and a cute little board with flashy Chinese symbols all over it! That was terribly boring because there was nothing to see! All the college kids are business majors, so they talked about the stock market for around 30 minutes, while Kelsey and I had NO IDEA what was going on.

After that we had to drive for 3 hours out to the Shanghai Voltswagon factory. That was slightly interesting. Sadly, I've already seen all that kinda stuff on tv multiple times, so it was all old news to me. We only spent an hour there, since our bus ride was so long (it was pointless to me).

Dinner consisted of spicy spicy SPICY food... so even though there was ONE plate of non-meat stuff for me to eat, it was too spicy for me to eat it. Thankfully I begged them to bring some rice, so I got a plane bowl of that.

When we got back to the hotel, I used up the last of my Yuan (except the few bills I'm keeping for funzies) at the gift shop. I bought a shit ton of candy and yummy drinks (and a panda!!). Lol I feel like a bad person, but I haaaad to get rid of my yuan before I left China!


Anyway, I may get internet again tonight, use up the last 10 yuan I have or something. We'll see....


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Interlude on Toilets

just a warning

semi-overcast 48 °F

So yeahhhh... something I've been dealing with in this country is the severe lack of standardized toilets. At the fancy fancy restaurants and at the hotels, you'll find normal western bathrooms.... but usually you're affronted with the... horrors.... of the squat toilet



Yeah *shivers* its really that bad

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Day 8

Shanghai to Hong Zhou and back again

64 °F

China fact #7 - Chinese convenient stores are VERY CHEAP, and say you have a green tea flavored candy obsession, you can buy everything you neeeed for less than $10. YEAY

Okay okay so.... today was a pretty good day (I finally let myself spend a lot, and I got a lot of cheap but awesome shiz). It was also a very busy and fun day.

Today we took a 3 hours drive out to Hong Zhou.

So, after arriving at around 10am, we spent the morning visiting this garden/buddhist temple. The garden was pretty enough. There were a lot of Buddhist carvings on the exposed stone of the mountains, some of which are apparently world famous. But really, the fun part was the temple. This was the largest Buddhist temple in all of China (these tour guides really know where to take us). It had so many different little rooms and statues. Sadly, you cant take pictures inside the temples because its offensive to the religion, but I did take a lot of pictures looking into the temples from outside. It was really cool because there were a lot of people burning incense and praying and doing other Buddhist-y things.

After lunch (which sucked and some teacher yelled at me hard core and pissed me off for the next 10 hours), we visited another garden. This garden was HUGE. It was more of a park than a garden with how big it was. The park surrounded this very large lake (wider than lake george, but not longer). We took a fantastic boat ride across it, to which I found myself dreaming up poetry about the water. It was all very romantic in a windy and cold kinda way. Back on land, we saw hundreds of koi fish all piled in a square foot of water space, blue and white peacocks, and some of the most beautifully flowering trees in the whole world. They were actually the first blossoms we've seen all trip (seeing as this town is very far south in China). Overall it wasn't more peaceful than the garden back in Xi'an, but it certainly was vastly more beautiful.

Sadly, our trip got us back home at like 9pm, too late to really go get any real food. I had to get a pizza at Papa Johns.... I feel gross and horrible >.>

Oh well, today was a fantastic day! Also, I think I'm going to buy internet if possible.... although this little card here says I need a PC to get internet (which I don't understand)... so we'll see!

P.S. I really miss America and I can't wait to come home Saturday! >.>

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Day 7



China fact #6 - Random asian men think I'm so hot, that after taking a picture with them, they try to get my MSN screen name.

Okay, so today was AMAZING.... I loveeee Shanghai. Today was really busy too.

We started the day off with a silk factory. It was pretty cool except for the fact that I was firstly reminded that to get silk, they BOIL the silk worms alive, and secondly that I'm the only one in America (it seems) who knows how silk is made (or at least that it comes from worms). Well anyway, I ended up contributing to the mass murder and bought THE MOST PERFECT AND AMAZING silk pillow cover + pillow *swoons*

After the factory, we visited a formerly private traditional Chinese garden, recently opened up to the public. It was so beautiful there I could have cried! It was exactly like I imaged it'd be, with magnolia trees, pagodas, ponds with koi fish, and cute little bridges surrounded by bamboo <3
I wish I could go back there and just sit for hours *more swooning*

Right next to the garden was this awesome shopping epicenter. There were so many people and stores, it was amazing. Sadly, we only stayed for like 15 minutes, so I don't have much to say about it.

On the way back to the bus, though, something fun DID happen. The horde of street people trying to sell you everything and anything attacked us again, this time with these squishy piggies that would splat all the way flat when you threw them, then pop back into shape! Omg they were so amazing and soooo cheap, we HAD to buy a few! teheeee (mine are gold and classic pink)

After lunch we visited the urban planning center and museum. But, seeing as the center was pretty boring (as was the museum), we'll skip to the really funnn part of my afternoon. I saw this really reaaaaally cute Asian (of whom you will see pictures of on facebook, or w/e medium I choose to upload pictures to). My friend who was with me at the time suggested I ask him for a picture. I of course refused and she insisted. Our battle continued until eventually I worked up the courage to ask the guy for a picture with him. Of course he's confused at first, but agrees anyway. Then, he asks me if I have an MSN! I of course don't, apologize, then walk away with my friend, giggling like crazy. THEN maybe 20 minutes later, he walks by us, stops, and starts to chat us up! We talked about a few random things, and he asked again if there was any way he could contact me, how crazy! He was just sooo awfully cute and perfectly Asian <3

Well anyway, that was the high point of the day, cuz what could be more flattering than a cute and persistent Asian?

The final part of our day consisted of an Acrobatics show after dinner. It'd be impossible to explain the show, so I'll only say OMG THAT WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING I'VE EVER SEEN LWKJAKWJE;AIJWAE;AIJWIE;J *dies*

Seriously! They had so much talent I was almost brought to tears.... ah!

Well anyway, I'm really tired cuz I actually worked out today (ran a mile and a half).... but yeay I got to have a wonderful shower again <3

So byeee for now!

P.S. I'll probably buy internet tomorrow, though only for enough time to get my blogs up, seeing as they seem to charge per minute here -_-

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