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Day 10 - FINAL DAY

Shanghai to NY

semi-overcast 68 °F

So I'm at the airport waiting for our flight to start boarding (in like 10 minutes).

I tried to buy my brother this really cool asian beverage... but apparently they're going to take it away from me because you can't have ANY liquids on the plane -_-

ANGRY... oh well... anyway, see you guys in America <3

P.S. It's beautiful in China right now. In Shanghai the flowers and trees are finally blossoming. Everywhere you look there are cherry blossoms and magnolia trees looking more gorgeous than they ever could in America. I'm sad we have to leave as soon as things are getting pretty *sigh*


Omg so I'm finally home! It feels so strange to be back here when it seems like so long ago that I left. Currently my mother has found my blog and is reading it... this one I'm typing right now in fact... its a little threatening, but oh well. I'm just trying to relax a little cuz this has been (like my blog title implies) a whirlwind adventure.

Lets see, what to say... gosh now that the trip is over I almost don't want to blog any more.

Well the flight home was pretty good. I literally wasn't bored even for a second of the 13.5 hour trip. There was one... small... mishap. While we were flying over Japan, a huge storm came in that they hadn't expected, causing terrible turbulence. In fact, at one point we randomly began to fall through the air for maybe 5 or 10 feet. It was horrifying actually.... all the drinks went to the ceiling (some people went up pretty high too, lol). For the rest of the trip, me and everyone else was in perpetual fear and horror, but hey we lived! My only consolation would be that if we crashed, I'd either die in Japan <3 or we'd land in the ocean and I'd live to be rescued by the Japanese, and then forced to stay in Japan for a nice long while <3
It was a win-win of a terrible situation, haha.

Anyway, regardless of that slight horror, the trip was fine coming home. I did get pretty sick feeling at one point due to improper snackage and lack of water, but that was also quickly solved.

Now that I'm home, China doesn't seem as scary or bad as I was apt to say earlier this morning. I miss being on my own in a bustling city, I miss the ancient mixed with the new, I missed the blooming cherry blossoms covering the streets.

Oh well, I'll get my independence soon enough when I go of to college, whether I'm ready for it or not!


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Welcome home! ^_^

by Kenji_Lion

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