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Day 3


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Fun fact about China #2: The people WILL try to sell you things to the point where they will follow you around for 20 minutes (no exaggeration) insisting that their "Rolex watch" is super cheep and amazing, only $8!! Its really... really annoying. Oh yes, and they WILL ditch all efforts to sell to natives as soon as they see Americans walking around

Okay so this is going to be really difficult because I've already fallen asleep on accident once tonight, lol.... its been a LONG day

Right now its 9pm... actually I fell asleep while writing this and now its 7am and I'm hiding in the bathroom from my roommate so I can type! (cuz we may not have internet at the next hotel so I wanna get this online)

Okay so... where did I go today? We all went to the Great Wall in the morning, which was... well OMG...AWESOME. Its what I've been really waiting for this whole trip. It was beyond amazing. It was the most epic adventure of my life. We took a cable car up to the top, then walked back down.

I was wearing this ridiculous hat (of which you'll see LOTS of pictures), so everyone kept asking for pictures with me! They kept saying in their broken chinese/english that I was very beautiful XD

After the great wall, we had lunch, which was pretty normal. Then, we went to visit the water cube and bird's nest, which are very beautiful. We didn't stay long though. After this little photo opportunity detour, we went to visit the "old beijing" on rickshaws.

Now the old part of beijing is beautiful and looks exactly like i had imaged. All the houses have the cool sloping roofs that curve up at the end. They had the half circle shaped tiles on the roofs and little animal sculptures on the edges. Besides how pretty it was, the rickshaw ride was AWESOME.... I loved it! Ah the simple pleasures of life.

But something very.... strange happened in this little town. These men with cameras (which were everywhere) kept taking photos of me. Some did it sneakily, others came right up to me and asked. They were the huge legit type of cameras that you see at photo shoots. Speaking of, we walked right in front of a photo shoot by accident! More like they set up right next to us while our group was milling about, haha. They were VERY pretty and dressed in a suit/traditional chinese dress. But anyway, back to my photography stalkers. They WOULDN'T leave me alone, some of them. This one guy followed us for a straight 20 minutes, throwing compliments at me and asking for poses. At first it was funny and I struck a few silly ones. Then it started to scare our chaperones who told me to ignore him! Thankfully we got to stop into someone's house and escape the creepy man.

In the house, we listened to the family who lived there talk about houses in this area (through an interpreter of course). It was really cool... and then like EVERY other trip, there was a chance to buy a lot of shiz, of which I caved in and did. I now own a BEAUTIFUL and original (done by the man himself) silk screen painting..

Anyway, dinner was this HUGE Peking duck dinner, which grossed me out and scared me a little. And of course after dinner we went home (because it was like 8:30 already). Ahhhh it was an exciting day! - as you can tell from this HUGE blog, lol -

Anyway, time to go curl back up in bed so my roomy doesn't think I'm crazy....

I hope I have internet in our next stop, we leave this morning for Xi'an. Goodbye for now! <3

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You're super beautiful Sora =)
Everyone wants some. ^_^

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