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Day 4

Beijing to Xi'an


China fact #3: Sarah Mahar NEVER gets jet lag, and therefor is more superior to you

Today has sucked a lot.... this girls parents were a**holes to me about being a vegetarian (again). They teased me and sh**... just like everyone else... I don't f***ing get it, what is SO WRONG about not eating meat... honestly I hate people.

This has made me very angry and depressed.... I just want to go home and hide in my room and get away from these sh**ty ass people ARGH

God damn Americans... I wish I could live in Asia... maybe I shouldn't go home at all, but I sure as hell don't want to stay here with these people.... *sigh*

- Later that day -

So my opinion on humans hasn't improved... but I suppose my day has (a little)

Sometimes I amuse myself so much it makes me feel better, ahaha :P

Anyway, we got into the hotel around 8pm. I did a decent ab work out, though I plan on increasing the amount every day (cuz tonight was a little short). I feel like all we do here is sit on a bus/plane or eat, ugh! Thats probably why this morning I got really sick (had to lay down a while and everything).

Well anyway, I miss our old tour guide, May. She was amaaazing.... our new tour guide is a creepy middle aged man whom I really do NOT like.... but oh well.

I'm a little pissed cuz all the girls either went out tonight or went swimming, neither of which events I was invited to... so I'm sitting alone in my room -_-

P.S. Yes I know I always write a p.s. but anyway
I just paid 20 Yuan to get this internet, you better LOVE ME for this, bah!
(although if you google it, 20 yuan is probably less than $4, haha)

P.P.S. I GOT INTO RPI.... mwahaha I'm on a roleeee

Also look, a map! -->

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$2.93. And yes, of course we love you for it!
I don't think all Americans are like that, just American tourists. I bet they're the kind of people who, in a foreign restaurant, yell at the waiter. Because he might not speak English, but if you YELL SLOWLY, HE WILL UNDERSTAND!!!

by edward_p

Firstly: China fact #3: Sarah Mahar NEVER gets jet lag, and therefor is more superior to you
I'm gonna have to knock you down a peg when you get back.

Second: Everyone loves you, all the time.

Thirdly: I'ma give you a fun fact about life since you're giving china fun facts (which I love btw.)
Kenji's Pro Tip #14: People are terrible. 5/6 people will treat you like shit for essentially no reason whatsoever, usually because they think it's humorous or they're bored. Assholes.


by Kenji_Lion

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