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Day 5



China fact #4 - If taxi drivers find out you don't know Chinese, they will both over charge you and get really pissed at you while speaking in Chinese at you the whole time, as if saying it multiple times will finally make us somehow understand his language. Oh and by over charge, I mean they'll probably over double what it should have cost.

Okay so today was a big day, and it was aweeeesome.... I just hope I can remember all of it! *tries not to doze of*

Well before I get into my day, have you noticed all my blogs being written around 10-ish? (its exactly 10pm now). Well as soon as I write these blogs (and sometimes before) I fall asleep! Its crazy, I just can't stay awake in China! I'm always tired, lol.... but anyway

(OMG I FELL ASLEP BEFORE TYPING THIS, AND THEN NEVER DID IT THE NEXT DAY).... its now day 8 and I'm finally gunna try to write this, so yeah this isn't going to be very detailed.

So today (or a few days ago, lol) we got to see the famous Terracotta army of Qín Shǐhuáng. It was epic because I did a history research project on the army in 9th grade. To finally see it in person was nostalgic and amazing. Although, there are a LOT of them to see in 3 different museums, so by the time we were done I was VERY ready to leave.

After that we visited the town wall of Xi'an, which is basically what it sounds like, a huge stone wall surrounding the city. It was actually really cool because they still have a lantern festival going on for the Chinese new year (it was beyond pretty at night).

Then, we visited a jade store, I guess you could call it. It was a government owned outlet that had a lot of jade. They gave us a tour of the place and told us all about where jade is found, how they make it, what makes it good quality or bad, and a lot of other things. It was actually really interesting. Plus, the ridiculously expensive jade sculptures were very impressing and breath taking. I took a lot of pictures (a bought a little jade piggy, tehe).

We ended the day with a rather nice park garden thinggy (yeay for eloquence). It was in the middle of the city, but still veryyyy peaceful and secluded. In the garden was a verrrry large temple from a few hundred years ago that is the largest temple from that time period in all of China. The garden itself was so relaxing and perfect I just sat on a rock by the water for a solid 20 minutes. I took a lot of pictures of that too, so you'll see everything and anything. One thing I noticed was how quiet these places in China are. I mean of course there are noises, but somehow there isn't that background noise we're used to here in America. It was very serene.

Anyway, that's all I can really remember about my day, but I think that covers enough!

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You're tired because you're doing so much all the time...plus you're always tired. You're almost tired as often as your stomach hurts.

I'm very impressed with how much detail you remember days later with your memory plus seeing so much each day. Good for you!!! ^_^

I also must see Jade Piggy, as he will henceforth be named. I love Jade, lots. You can guess why ^_^ (If your memory can handle it =P)

by Kenji_Lion

Lol I admit my memory is only so good because I looked through all the pictures on my camera. Before that I couldn't remember a single thing we did that day, haha

by SoraChan

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