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Day 1

NY to Beijing

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Day 1 - continued

So we're finally in NJ... Newark to be exact. Our plane was supposed to board at 7:03.... we didn't get on the plane until 8 -_-

Oh well, less waiting here in NJ for our connecting flight, woot

I'm really exhausted still, but feeling slightly better. We don't catch the next plane until 12pm (its currently 9:45). I think I'll prolly go eat in an hour or so... I'd take pictures for you guys, but the fact is that I didn't bring my camera to laptop connection cable, so I cant say how many pictures I can store on my camera, argh! Mother told me to just go buy a new camera memory card, but how ridiculous is that? Spend $30 on something that I should be able to do for free? No waaaaay....

Well sadly there is no internet here, or at least you have to pay for it. So I'm just typing this up and I hope to be able to post it laterz.

later that day

OMG THIS ISN'T HAPPENING, but it is.... there was a "serious malfunction" with out intended plane, so now we had to walk across the whole airport to another gate, and instead of leaving at 12:15, we're leaving at 2:55....

I have no idea what to do with my life, I'll probably be done with Pride and Prejudice before I even get on the plane god damn it.... argh!

  • curls up in ball of misery*

Even later that day (more than 24 hours from leaving)

We lost a day, it was the 110h when we left, and now its the 11th... I'm tired still and I hate China so far... not to sound miserable, but it took me 10 MINUTES to figure out how to turn the lights on in my god damn room. You have to stick your card in this horrid little holder by the door and it turns all the lights on. I wish I could upload pictures, but I forgot the cable for that, and I feel really really shitty

So I'll try to use my 500 pictures to the best of my ability, lol....

P.S. Its 10:10pm here and 9:11am in NY, lol

  • passes out*

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