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Day 6

Xi'an to Shanghai

China fact #5 - There are people who know Japanese in China, and if you keep yelling things out in Japanese in the middle of crowds, you're bound to find them.

Okay so today was a pretty good day. The weather was FANTASTIC! Sunny and bright!

The plane ride was fine, I'm getting really used to them. Our new tour guide is WAY better than the one in Xi'an, so I'm happy. Also, she KNOWS JAPANESE... did I say I'm happy.... because I meant I'M FREAKING EXCITED AS HELL XD
But no really she's pretty cool, not creepy like Tony, tho not as pretty as May.

Okay so what did we do today.... not much. We got into Shanghai at around 3pm-ish, and had free time until 5:30 when we went out to dinner. Dinner wasn't anything special, cept that there was a lot of seafood, not that it matters to me cuz I didn't even like seafood BEFORE I was a vegetarian, lol. Speaking of vegetarian... every day I worry more and more they'll forget about me and just not make anything without meat in it. Once even the white rice had meat chunks, bah!

After dinner we went on a boat ride on this river that goes through Shanghai. It was amazing! The city at night is soooo beautiful. If I was waiting to see a city that really looks like China, I've finally found it. There are huge buildings everywhere, and each one has some random and strange lighting scheme. That's what I've always loved about Asian buildings, they have crazy lights that cover the buildings!

After after thaaaat, I came back to my room and had a nice long shower... and now here I am! Lol....

Oh also I finished Pride and Prejudice... which was a fantastic book, it really was... it only makes me want to read everything else by Jane Austin <3<3

Anyway, I'ma go write my blog for yesterday (cuz I fell asleep writing it last night, tehe).... no p.s. message this time guys! sorry, lol

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Day 5



China fact #4 - If taxi drivers find out you don't know Chinese, they will both over charge you and get really pissed at you while speaking in Chinese at you the whole time, as if saying it multiple times will finally make us somehow understand his language. Oh and by over charge, I mean they'll probably over double what it should have cost.

Okay so today was a big day, and it was aweeeesome.... I just hope I can remember all of it! *tries not to doze of*

Well before I get into my day, have you noticed all my blogs being written around 10-ish? (its exactly 10pm now). Well as soon as I write these blogs (and sometimes before) I fall asleep! Its crazy, I just can't stay awake in China! I'm always tired, lol.... but anyway

(OMG I FELL ASLEP BEFORE TYPING THIS, AND THEN NEVER DID IT THE NEXT DAY).... its now day 8 and I'm finally gunna try to write this, so yeah this isn't going to be very detailed.

So today (or a few days ago, lol) we got to see the famous Terracotta army of Qín Shǐhuáng. It was epic because I did a history research project on the army in 9th grade. To finally see it in person was nostalgic and amazing. Although, there are a LOT of them to see in 3 different museums, so by the time we were done I was VERY ready to leave.

After that we visited the town wall of Xi'an, which is basically what it sounds like, a huge stone wall surrounding the city. It was actually really cool because they still have a lantern festival going on for the Chinese new year (it was beyond pretty at night).

Then, we visited a jade store, I guess you could call it. It was a government owned outlet that had a lot of jade. They gave us a tour of the place and told us all about where jade is found, how they make it, what makes it good quality or bad, and a lot of other things. It was actually really interesting. Plus, the ridiculously expensive jade sculptures were very impressing and breath taking. I took a lot of pictures (a bought a little jade piggy, tehe).

We ended the day with a rather nice park garden thinggy (yeay for eloquence). It was in the middle of the city, but still veryyyy peaceful and secluded. In the garden was a verrrry large temple from a few hundred years ago that is the largest temple from that time period in all of China. The garden itself was so relaxing and perfect I just sat on a rock by the water for a solid 20 minutes. I took a lot of pictures of that too, so you'll see everything and anything. One thing I noticed was how quiet these places in China are. I mean of course there are noises, but somehow there isn't that background noise we're used to here in America. It was very serene.

Anyway, that's all I can really remember about my day, but I think that covers enough!

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Day 4

Beijing to Xi'an


China fact #3: Sarah Mahar NEVER gets jet lag, and therefor is more superior to you

Today has sucked a lot.... this girls parents were a**holes to me about being a vegetarian (again). They teased me and sh**... just like everyone else... I don't f***ing get it, what is SO WRONG about not eating meat... honestly I hate people.

This has made me very angry and depressed.... I just want to go home and hide in my room and get away from these sh**ty ass people ARGH

God damn Americans... I wish I could live in Asia... maybe I shouldn't go home at all, but I sure as hell don't want to stay here with these people.... *sigh*

- Later that day -

So my opinion on humans hasn't improved... but I suppose my day has (a little)

Sometimes I amuse myself so much it makes me feel better, ahaha :P

Anyway, we got into the hotel around 8pm. I did a decent ab work out, though I plan on increasing the amount every day (cuz tonight was a little short). I feel like all we do here is sit on a bus/plane or eat, ugh! Thats probably why this morning I got really sick (had to lay down a while and everything).

Well anyway, I miss our old tour guide, May. She was amaaazing.... our new tour guide is a creepy middle aged man whom I really do NOT like.... but oh well.

I'm a little pissed cuz all the girls either went out tonight or went swimming, neither of which events I was invited to... so I'm sitting alone in my room -_-

P.S. Yes I know I always write a p.s. but anyway
I just paid 20 Yuan to get this internet, you better LOVE ME for this, bah!
(although if you google it, 20 yuan is probably less than $4, haha)

P.P.S. I GOT INTO RPI.... mwahaha I'm on a roleeee

Also look, a map! -->

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Day 3


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Fun fact about China #2: The people WILL try to sell you things to the point where they will follow you around for 20 minutes (no exaggeration) insisting that their "Rolex watch" is super cheep and amazing, only $8!! Its really... really annoying. Oh yes, and they WILL ditch all efforts to sell to natives as soon as they see Americans walking around

Okay so this is going to be really difficult because I've already fallen asleep on accident once tonight, lol.... its been a LONG day

Right now its 9pm... actually I fell asleep while writing this and now its 7am and I'm hiding in the bathroom from my roommate so I can type! (cuz we may not have internet at the next hotel so I wanna get this online)

Okay so... where did I go today? We all went to the Great Wall in the morning, which was... well OMG...AWESOME. Its what I've been really waiting for this whole trip. It was beyond amazing. It was the most epic adventure of my life. We took a cable car up to the top, then walked back down.

I was wearing this ridiculous hat (of which you'll see LOTS of pictures), so everyone kept asking for pictures with me! They kept saying in their broken chinese/english that I was very beautiful XD

After the great wall, we had lunch, which was pretty normal. Then, we went to visit the water cube and bird's nest, which are very beautiful. We didn't stay long though. After this little photo opportunity detour, we went to visit the "old beijing" on rickshaws.

Now the old part of beijing is beautiful and looks exactly like i had imaged. All the houses have the cool sloping roofs that curve up at the end. They had the half circle shaped tiles on the roofs and little animal sculptures on the edges. Besides how pretty it was, the rickshaw ride was AWESOME.... I loved it! Ah the simple pleasures of life.

But something very.... strange happened in this little town. These men with cameras (which were everywhere) kept taking photos of me. Some did it sneakily, others came right up to me and asked. They were the huge legit type of cameras that you see at photo shoots. Speaking of, we walked right in front of a photo shoot by accident! More like they set up right next to us while our group was milling about, haha. They were VERY pretty and dressed in a suit/traditional chinese dress. But anyway, back to my photography stalkers. They WOULDN'T leave me alone, some of them. This one guy followed us for a straight 20 minutes, throwing compliments at me and asking for poses. At first it was funny and I struck a few silly ones. Then it started to scare our chaperones who told me to ignore him! Thankfully we got to stop into someone's house and escape the creepy man.

In the house, we listened to the family who lived there talk about houses in this area (through an interpreter of course). It was really cool... and then like EVERY other trip, there was a chance to buy a lot of shiz, of which I caved in and did. I now own a BEAUTIFUL and original (done by the man himself) silk screen painting..

Anyway, dinner was this HUGE Peking duck dinner, which grossed me out and scared me a little. And of course after dinner we went home (because it was like 8:30 already). Ahhhh it was an exciting day! - as you can tell from this HUGE blog, lol -

Anyway, time to go curl back up in bed so my roomy doesn't think I'm crazy....

I hope I have internet in our next stop, we leave this morning for Xi'an. Goodbye for now! <3

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Day 2


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Okay so today was my 2nd day in China (and Beijing)

Fun fact about China #1: You CANNOT drink the tap water. And this is not just because we aren't used to it (like Mexico)... even those who live here all the time have to boil their tap water first. So, we are forced to drink nothing but bottled water, haha.

Today we all went to Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden Palace, and a Kung Fu play (sorta)

Argh its hard to remember my day when I'm so exhausted... its 10:40pm right now (9:40am in NY)...

Soooo lets see, what happened today.

Well, Tiananmen Square was VERY cool... but sadly in both senses of the word. It was so windy, I almost couldn't walk forward, lol. I wish I could show you guys the pictures, but I forgot my cable to connect my camera to the laptop...

There were police everywhere (and in really neat little uniforms). Then, we went right from the square to the forbidden palace. That place was GORGEOUS. Too bad it reminded me too much of Japan, yet was sadly far too different. I spent a lot of money in their gift-shop too. There were more police in the palace than the square (obviously).

Then we had an AMAZING lunch at a 5 star hotel... nicer than our 5 star hotel, but the food isn't as good, so meeeeeh.

Then after lunch we went shopping in this really neat district (of which I don't know the name). They had this hugeee street filled with food vendors selling everything from snake on a stick, to fried starfish, mmmm

Speaking of food, so far all I've been able to eat is eggplant, rice, and bok choy.

After shopping, we had dinner, then went to a Kung Fu play. I call it a play, because it was half story line, half blatant showing off of Kung Fu talent in an almost dance like manner. Needless to say I was the only one of our group who stayed awake for the whole time.

And then we came back here, huzzah! haha
I feel bad cuz I'd type more if I wasn't about to pass out (its been a real long day)


P.S. I got accepted into Northeastern, YES XD

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